Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project Life–Week 2

Had a bit of a senior moment last week and forgot to put on any dates but have fixed that now and remembered to do it this week.



Week 2a


Trying to finish my December Daily Album this weekend.

Bye for now


Friday, January 13, 2012

How I'm Approaching Project Life

Amanda asked me how I was approaching Project Life (Amanda I tried to answer you but I couldn't so thought I would put it here)  At the moment I'm taking a photo a day, Only because we are busy and are doing a lot at the moment, in the quieter weeks I probably wont take a photo a day.   Some weeks it may be only one thing like a birthday or a trip away. I'm not scrapping much these days so I really want to finish this year. All the album has been put together using the core kit so all I have to do is add  photo’s and journaling I am looking at getting my photo’s developed on a Monday so I only have to put the photo’s into the page protectors . I'm trying to do the journaling each day but it doesn't matter if I leave it until I have the photo’s  printed because it doesn't have to take that long to do..  I'm thinking this can really be an easy project if we want it to be.  I don't intend to complicate this, I just want to document my year.  I've never been big into journaling I'm a more of a who, when where, what,why kind of girl rather than putting my inner most thoughts.  That’s it at this stage we will see how it goes.  Keep It Simple.

Bye for now


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project Life- Week 1

Firstly I must apologise for the dodgy photo I don't have much natural light in my house so still searching for the best spot and time to take the photos.  Don't know if I'm 100 percent happy with my first page I  may add some more photos or other bits and pieces from the week  I'm not going to worry too much about this but I do want to get this done every Monday so I can try and stay on track.






Bye for now


Our Week

The summer holidays are flying by, love the holidays, sitting up late, sleeping in a bit, the girls friends staying over,  no lunches to make.  Bliss.  Poor Lucy is sick and has come down with a really bad cold .The weather has been good up until today it was stinking hot. 

Monday we took the dogs to Mudjimba Beach for a swim, Milly was a nightmare, that dog doesn't know the meaning of slow all she wants to do is run and swim.  Afterwards we grabbed Fish and Chips and went to Tony’s mums place for dinner, she lives nearby.




Lucy and her friend Maddy



my ute

My boy waiting in the back of the ute.

On the 19th of February I've been smoke free for 12 months so this year it’s deal with the weight, we eat right but I don't exercise so I needed some new shoes.  I suffer from really sore feet and was trying to get a pair that I could wear when I went out to shop etc but these ones which are so comfortable only came in one colour and it’s a bit bright.  I'm enjoying walking in these.


Tess and I do enjoy eating out and probably do it too much, Joey, Tess’ boyfriend had a day off so we went to the Hotel Maroochydore (formally Grinning Dog) the meals are always wonderful and the service fantastic.


Joey and Tess

Milly’s a garbage guts she will eat anything and eat it quickly I have discovered that she loves coffee.

She will hang around until I'm finished then she likes to lick out the cup.



Was going to our local shops on Sunday and came across these, I'm guessing that there were about 30 cars  I would really like one I think lol



I'm partial to the blue one.


Could hear these babies for hours on Sunday afternoon was wrapped to catch their parent feeding them.


A few more random photo’s from the week.

What I'm reading



Tess waiting to get her nails done.

Bye for now


Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

I've always said that New Year Eve’s celebrations is the most over rated celebration, I've had very few “good” New Year's Eve nights and often end up bored and watching the clock so I can go home.  I'm up after midnight every night it’s no big deal.  This year we decided to go out and to make matters worse we were going to Mooloolaba Beach where 40 thousand people were expected.  The reason we were going was that Lucy who is 15 1/2 and asked us if she could go with Tess we said yes but Tess had to work and didn't finish until 9.30 so it was 10pm before we even got over to Mooloolaba.  We thought it silly to drop the girls off, go home then back again at 12.30- 1am.

Surprisingly  it was one of the best new year eve’s I've had.  We had dinner at the Nambour RSL which is always good and just waited around for Tess.  We thought parking might be an issue as a lot of the streets were blocked off and Mooloolaba was  a no go area for vehicles but thankfully we were able to park in the primary school and only had to walk a block and a half.  Also another good thing the shop, street and beach areas were a dry area so no alcohol, yes there were drunk people wandering around but everyone seemed fairly well behaved. They had two stages and heaps of bands one was the Whitlams which unfortunately we missed and the other two bands I had never heard of.  One was The Floating Bridges, they were really good




The next band was Amy Meredith




Please with my camera because I was a distance from the stage.  Unfortunately my fireworks photos are crap. There was a barge just off the beach and all the fireworks were lit on the barge.






This is a close up of the front of the barge, note how the fireworks are attached  to the front and all the orange tubes are fireworks also.

Anyway off to the beach to take the dogs for a walk.

Bye for now