Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Lovely Christmas

Christmas is done and dusted for another year, how quickly it passed.  Christmas Eve Tess had to work so we went to Tony’s mum Sonja’ s house for dinner, this was lovely as Tony’s sister, brother in law and nephew had come down from Middlemount for Christmas.



We were woken up by the girls at 4.30, something's not right here they are 15 and 18 aren't they supposed to sleep in.  Sorry about the terrible photo I don't function very well at that time of the morning as well as bad lighting and the  ironing board in the background.  We were all really spoilt  Ipads , Ipods, Apple Mac Pro’s (I think) .



We needed to leave by 7am as we were travelling to Macleans Ridge in NSW, we drove to Sonjas place to drop Tess off and then headed off.  It was such an easy drive as there was not much traffic on the road.



I missed going over the gateway, I fell asleep.

tweed river

Over the Tweed River and into Northern NSW We arrived there about 11.30.  My brother in law Jon is a fabulous cook and was busy in the kitchen preparing lunch.  I don't know why but I forgot to take photos of the meal which by the way was delicious.



Lucy and Nanny.

My nephew Darcy


My sister had a house full of people staying so Tony and I booked a motel in Lismore, after lunch we went to check in, have a sleep (too much lunch) after we woke up we went for a drive around Lismore.  I love old buildings our motel was right near the Catholic church. These photos are from the Catholic, Anglican and the Uniting Churches.

Church Collage


Nanny and her great grandchildren Olivia, Darcy and Lucy.

We headed back to Danielle’s for dinner, which was a whole snapper, our friend Scotty had caught.It was superb .

We had an early start boxing day  Tony had to be back in Brisbane by 11am as he was heading to Broken Hill to pick up his new race car.





My gorgeous niece Izzy.


Traffic was awful for no reason, we crawled along at some spots we were only doing 20kms after doing this for half an hour we past a speed camera and that is what was causing the congestion.  Crazy, if people kept to the speed limit  traffic would have flowed it was a really long trip home.

Tony and Kiwi headed off to Broken Hill at lunchtime on Boxing day Monday  and got back at 4am Wednesday morning that’s over three thousand kms I think they are nuts I'm so glad I didn't go with them.

This is what they went to pick up



I think it’s rather ironic but our new car is the one behind ours , Tony assures me that it is a more powerful car.  We will see.


Only a couple of days until a new year begins.  Looking forward to 2012 it’s going to be a good one.

Bye for now

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas


Just stopping in quickly to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  We are just heading off overnight but not leaving until Christmas morning.  Tess has to work tonight and Boxing Day so has decided to stay here and have Christmas lunch with Friends while we travel to northern NSW to my sisters place.  It’s been years since I have had Christmas with my parents and grandma so I'm really looking forward to that.  Tony and I will overnight in Lismore then unfortunately leave early as Tony is travelling to Broken Hill to pick up his new race car and needs to get back to Brisbane before lunch time on Boxing day.  I have to be back in time to pick Tess up from work.  Have a great Christmas, enjoy spending time with your loved ones and those who are travelling drive safely.


Bye for now


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Daily Days 1 - 4

Thought I had better get these scanned how many times I do these projects and then never share them.  I decided  to use a 8 1/2 x 11 sized album this year.

Day One

Dec Daily 1 002Dec Daily 1 001

Day Two

Dec Daily 2 001Dec Daily 2 002

Day Three

Dec Daily 3 001Dec Daily 3 002

Dec Daily 3 003

Dec Daily 4 001Dec Daily 4 002

I'm not liking this last page might redo it.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Quick One


I'm guessing everyone is in the same position as me, very busy at this time of year.  I did take some time out to do my December Daily Diary.  I'm keeping fairly up to date I don't print at home so am only getting photos printed once a week so it’s a bit of catch up on the weekends.  I hope to get my pages scanned in the  next day or two.  I receive two kits from Jenni Bowlin a  month I just adore her products but they are accumulating so I thought I had better get a couple of the project kits done.   This one is the Project kit for November.






It took a few hours to make but I think it’s cute except for the glitter, I really hate the stuff (too much of the stuff when Tess danced )  I'm still brushing it off me tonight.  If you haven't been to Jenni Bowlins website and blog do go  there’s so much eye candy. 

Bye for now