Friday, December 10, 2010

What my Kitchen looked like today.

After years of using a really crappy oven I finally got a new one put in today.  Our friend Brad is doing our minor kitchen reno’s A few months ago he tiled behind the oven, splash back above the sink.  This time he made a new base for our fireplace to sit on and add some tiles up behind the fire.  Put the new oven in and moved a few of our cupboards that are on the wall around.  My place looks like a bomb has gone off.  This is the dining table not even a space to put a cup of tea.


This is only the stuff out of two of the cupboards.  Silly me said I did want to clean out all the kitchen cupboards well I guess now is my  chance.



I hope this isn't a case of the blind leading the blind lol.


Brad doing something with the base of the fire place.  Cant remember the technical name lol

My beautiful new Westinghouse oven I cant tell you how exciting this is.  My other oven was so bad I hardly cooked in the oven and I haven't baked for years, although working in a bakery I didn't have to lol. I am so looking forward to cooking again Tony is looking forward to a roast, I don't think so as I don't want to dirty it lol.


I will eventually paint all my kitchen cupboards white.

Due to the state of my kitchen and the dust last night we went to dinner at the Maroochydore tavern formerly known as the Grinning Dog Tavern.  Oh my goodness the food was to die for.


I had the Cajun dusted Snapper on a bed of rocket, pumpkin, avocado and parmesan cheese with a garlic aioli .  This was superb  I haven't had a meal this good for a while.  All the others had steak and said it just melt in their mouths.  Will definitely be going back there.  Lucy’s already given me a list of goodies she wants to bake muffins and mudcake seem to be the first lot of things lol

Bye for now


Monday, December 6, 2010



For the last couple of years every birthday and Christmas Lucy has asked for a puppy.  As we already had Fred the answer was always no.  We were adamant that we did not want another dog.

We have a skip bin business and when we have bins that aren't on a job it’s convenient for Tony to leave them in bushland not far from the dump as all the skip bin operators do.  About three weeks ago Tony noticed a little staffy running around through the bush, the dog was very timid, extremely skinny and obviously very hungry.  It appeared that she might have had a litter of puppies, he phoned the local Rspca, local animal shelter and the local council to see if someone could come out and get the dog and see if they could find the litter.  The first two were understaffed and couldn't possibly do it and the third weren't that interested and would have to take her to the pound.  I told Tony to phone the Noosa RSPCA as they have a good name and reputation for helping when needed.  He did and although they couldn't get there that day (they are a 40 minute drive away)  they would help they asked Tony could he catch the dog or at least feed it.  Tony grabbed a tin of dog food and found the dog, she smelt the food straight away, still was very wary of Tony and wouldn't go to the food until he went away.

The next day Tony took some more food to her and she went up to him straight away.  After she had eaten he walked with her to see if he could find the puppies, he couldn't find any.  As he went to get back into his truck, she jumped in with him.  He took her to our vet, mainly to see if she had milk and had she given birth recently.  She had given birth but it had not been recently so he phoned the RSPCA again and told them he had the dog and they said they would pick her up the next day.

After spending the afternoon and night with her we decided to keep her.  I still don't want two dogs and she is a pain but she is such an affectionate little thing and very sweet.   She has some condition caused by mites and when she came to us had no fur on her back or parts of her face,  having no fur , she really smells.  So Lucy got her puppy, Milly is only 12 months old and it is her responsibility to bath her three times a week (for the mites), rub aloe vera into her skin and look after her.

They have really become the best of friends.




miss milly

Milly still looking a bit sad, she had only been with us two days.  Note all the missing fur.


Milly loving the beach , she had been with us two weeks.  She runs so fast and loves to swim.  I think she looks a bit possessed in this photo.


Her fur is starting to grow back and she’s put on weight.  Fred’s a bit put out and tolerates her, he would prefer that she not be here.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It’s been a long time since I've visited my blog, I'm surprised that anyone still drops in.  In reality I haven't been doing anything exciting but have been busy if that makes sense.

What have we been up to.  At the beginning of the month we went to “Oktoberfest” at the Maroochydore RSL club, Tony’s dad was German so they used to go to these alot .  My sister in law Linda loves having a good time.  No matter where you go with her it’s always fun and plenty of laughs. 

My camera doesn't take very good indoor photos


What a shame I don't like beer.


Tony and Linda


Eric, Tony and Linda


I have no idea who this guy is and nor did Linda, we just thought his costume was hilarious.


The Barman.


Games were played like eat the sausage.



Musical chairs, sort of.



See the black jeans with the pink shoes?  That’s Linda.


Down to the last two.


This is what she won, I think it was a flag.


We had a good time cant say Im fond of german food. While we were here the kids went to the The Monster Truck Show at Kawana sports ground.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things that have made me happy this week


Looking at all the Jasmine that is yet to bloom









My beautiful magnolia tree that was given to me by my Grandmother.


Fred’s beautiful face.  Actually I have a biscuit held above my head and he is drooling.


How could I not know about this wonderful author Lee Child and his Jack Reacher novels.  There are 14 in the series and another to be released at the end of September.  I have now read all but two.  Love them, couldn't put them down

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Day At Bribie Island


A few weeks ago I decided to head to Bribie Island for a spot of Op shopping.  I could only find a few stores in the phone book but thought I would drive down there anyway as it had been a few years since I had been to Bribie.

To my delight I found Op shops everywhere but didn't get a good haul I'm on a mission to find two chest of drawers and white things for my kitchen dresser.  They sound easy enough but no I'm still hunting.  There was a lot I thought about buying but I really don't have a lot of room at home so have become a bit selective.  All I got was a couple of books, a low carb cookbook ,  some old bottles and an old colander, not a good shopping day but enjoyable.

I stopped for a while by the water, it was a glorious winters day, one of those winter days that Queensland is famous for .


This is the bridge that you drive over to get to Bribie, you can just see the Glasshouse Mountains in the background, it was a bit windy and hazy.







Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brisbane Botanical Gardens

As I had a lot of time to fill in while Tess was working at Northlakes Shopping Centre I invited Tess and the boys to come with me to the botanical gardens as I had never been there.  It was a freezing day (by our standards anyway), first we drove up to Mt Coot-tha Lookout there was a quaint little coffee shop up there so a warm drink and something to eat was the first order of the day.  Some of these photo’s were taken by Tess including the one’s of the duck and bird, I love the detail in those.








After morning tea we headed down the road the botanical gardens.










Loved this roof.  This was the tropical garden section









I thought the gardens looked a  little tired but then it is winter (not our rainy season) and Brisbane is very strict with water  usage Tess and I are definitely going back in spring I think it will look spectacular.












Between the two of us we were able to get some lovely photo’s of Lucy without her “my space” expressions which was really great.  We had a lovely day, we will have to do some more of these day trips over the Christmas school holidays.